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Why Quotezilla?

Well the name really fits the product. This online quoting system is really the monster of any business it will take on the workload of any sales team and turn them from secretaries and telemarketers into Closers.

“This Time saving device has the potential to change lives” says Guy Scharff from About town Bartending.

The system is similar to a customized shopping cart but much much more…….

Here is how it works:

It is set up on your Web site as a Get a quote page.

  1. The “client “ can take “their time” to fill out all the basic info you would need anyway Re: Name, Address, Phone, Fax, Etc. If they take the time it is a quality lead.
  2. This Info is now automatically downloaded into a database such as Act! If you chose to do so by the click of a button.
  3. The client is free to choose the packages or items they want after reviewing your website and amenities.
  4. The client has the option to create Multiple quotes easily without having to rewrite all the basic info about their order
  5. The quote is generated in about 20 seconds ….WOW!
  6. A copy is sent to the client via E-Mail, a copy is sent to the Sales person , a copy is sent to a Supervisor (if necessary) and a copy is saved in our Main frame
  7. The copy in the main frame can be revised and will be easily Identified by Name , date, company, and Invoice #
  8. The quotes then can be Revised as New quote or just an update without having to retype all the information on the existing quote
  9. The revised quoted may be E-mailed in the users page
  10. Quotes may easily be changed from a quote to an invoice.

This system has been designed for the small to midsize business with any product or package or service that has a dollar amount.


  1. Saves time on non quality prospects they may easily be weeded out without wasting a lot of time on them “Lookie Loos”
  2. Eliminates the pushy sales synopsis the client has the comfort to choose what they want
  3. Saves the sales person data entry time and redundant work
  4. Client gets immediate satisfaction with a quote and not having to wait till you can get to it
  5. Owners and supervisors can manage quotes of their staff and can spend quality time closing
  6. Bottom line this system saves Time and Money along with a confidence from your clients knowing you have a system in place such as this for their benefit

These are 16 reasons you cannot live without this system for your business If you can get them a quote this fast imagine how awesome the Products and services will be