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Front Bars
Step 1: Choose Bar Model and Quantities

Step 2: Choose Interchangeable Bar Top (Applies to Ultimate & Convention Bar models only)

Step 3: OPTIONAL - Add Bar Color, Multicolor RGBW Lightning System, and Remote

Step 4: OPTIONAL - Add Graphics and/or Custom Panels


Step 5: OPITIONAL - Add On Accessories

Ultimate Back Bars
Step1: Select Back Bar Frame(s)

Step 2: Select Optional Back Bar Display

Step 3: Select Optional Graphics and Interchangeable Panels

Step 4: Select Optional Protective Covers

Event Cubes
Step 1: Select Event Cube(s)

Step 2: Select Optional Interchangeable Event Cube Top(s)

Step 3: Select Optional Graphic Layout

Step 4: Select Additional Event Cube Products

Additional Information

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